Key element of the project: 

Situated off the bank of the River Thames and surrounded by three major roads, we were tasked with the conversion of the iconic former bed and breakfast into a modern, welcoming space.

A huge part of the project was the creation of a basement structure. Alongside this, the surrounding buildings/structures have been fitted with underpinning to support their foundation, and the finished apartments will be fitted with three layers of waterproofing materials to satisfy insurers.

Aerial view of a construction site

Work Progress

Works Update #6


Scaffold erection reached completion. A concrete pour was done on the ground floor, and temporary lights with a transformer were installed to the basement. Multi-deck installation to the first floor was completed, and reached 10% competition on the second floor. An SFS frame was delivered to the site and preparations were completed to receive the hoist installation.

Works Update #5

Ten loads of remaining muck-away was removed from the site to prepare for the final pour on the basement slab.  As we entered December, steel erectors came to work on site and began the construction of the steel frame. A final concrete pour was done on the remaining parts of the walls and studs were installed for the base plates. Meanwhile, a couple of complications were encountered which meant that some of the steel beams and columns couldn’t be installed as planned, although work continues on this. 

The start of 2021 saw the site receive its final delivery of steel and decking, and the near completion of the steel frame erection. Groundworkers returned to site to carry out remedial works and additional support was supplied by Kenward to help with other tasks. Two mobile elevating work platforms were removed from the basement alongside the main scaffold stairs, with temporary access being granted via ladders. By the end of the month, the steel frame erection had been completed and the scaffold erection was in progress. Part of the site hoarding with an access gate was taken down to allow for this. All steel members were secured with an expandable dry pack and non-shrinkable grout read for the concrete pour. Reinforcement mesh to the ground floor was also installed.

Construction worker working amongst scaffolding using a saw.

Works Update #4

The running of the programme has been impacted by many factors, including COVID-19, but work is still ongoing at Raintree.

When work resumed in August, construction continued on different elements of the build, including the trimming of the capping beam to Southbank to allow a construct lining wall and the construction of panels for the lining wall between Southbank and Portsmouth Road. These were both subsequently filled with concrete. In addition, R-bars and shuttering were installed to the surface water chamber, which then had a new base and walls created via a concrete pour. Reinforcements and formers were made to the retaining wall at Hampton Suites, then secured with a concrete pour. In addition to this, reinforcement bars were installed along the lining wall to Hampton Suites, again secured with concrete. Reinforcement from the RC upstand to the car park was also made. Alongside this, the team excavated the foul chamber and filled it with concrete to prevent any piles movement.

Works Update #3

Further work was carried out to the piles surrounding Thorkhill Road, Portsmouth Road, and Hampton Suites. This included shaving/drilling piles on Thorkhill Road to resin fix dowel bars to them. The ground behind the piles of Hampton Suite was broken, excavated, and pinned, whilst ongoing work continued to move muck from other areas of the site to the Hampton Suite side for removal via a log reach machine. Mesh was cut and fixed to Portsmouth Road to form a lining wall whilst starter bars were fixed to form a new wall to Portsmouth Road/ Hampton Suites. Due to the volume of work happening across the entirety of the grounds, the site office were moved to accommodate the additional machinery and ongoing work. The excavation of the basement was fully completed, despite losing three days of labour due to poor weather.

Works Update #2

With initial preparations complete, work began to ensure the surrounding roads and pavements were protected from the ongoing project work. There were certain precautionary works which had to be put in place to ensure no damage occurred throughout the Christmas period, including the installation of extra groundwater pipes and additional security measures to the perimeter of the site. Rebar upstands were installed and piles were exposed and cleaned to prepare for dowel bar insertion. The shear key was excavated, resulting in its completion and that of the slab, ready to move forward.


As of February 2020, Heras fencing had been erected around the site and hoarding to the adjacent Hampton Suite had been removed. The area surrounding the Hampton and Thorkhill Road had also been excavated to search for services and discover the primary electric supply. Further investigation was made into the capping beam on Southbank Road to locate the true positions of the steel columns and the site boundary. Once this had been determined, work could begin on creating a good access point into the site.


Whilst this was going on, the team had been continuing to action daily tasks to ensure the smooth running of the project, such as accepting new materials onto site and organising them upon arrival, draining excess water, and the ongoing excavation of the grounds.  The deliveries contained vital materials to allow labour to begin on further securing the foundations of the building. Piles were cleaned and inserted with resin, dowel and starter bars, and then cut or shaved accordingly to accommodate the lining walls. We then attached and fixed mesh to the lining walls as per engineer drawings, and duplicated this effort on the basement slab, ensuring to leave areas for drainage. Following this, we had to liaise with drainage and structural engineers to confirm the design of the attenuation tanks and drainage and be updated of any modifications to the capping beam at Southbank Road.


By the end of the month, nearly 100 loads of muck away left the site, and the 17t digger was replaced with a 7t one, more suitable for the ongoing work.

Major Contiguous Piling Works

Works Update #1

Work began on the project in October 2019, after securing the site perimeter and organising meetings with various stakeholders. This included setting up a regular meeting between the architectural and engineering design teams and having more informal conversations with the neighbours of the site to explain a bit about who we are, our role and the project itself.

Throughout October there was a focus on completing the piling and initial structures to support the build, including the preparation of capping beam and underpinning reinforcement cages to safely begin work. External agencies also came to the site to complete safety checks and give relevant feedback. We then progressed onto adding cement to different parts of the structure and creating designs for the primary steel, essential for us to be able to move forward with the construction.

builders in high vis gear smile in front of an orange digger.

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