How Are These Challenging Requirements Met?

The first thing is a meeting with the artist and curator to discuss what is required. MCD Group will see the artwork and determine with the artist and curator where and how it is to be displayed.

With the Leckey exhibition this was a highly challenging work because of its size and the need for authenticity.

Each part of the build was considered and help sought from architectural engineers to provide details of what was needed structurally for the build to be executed.

3D drawings were created so that both Mark Leckey and Tate Britain could see how the build would work, the space that it created, and the experience that visitors would have as they moved around it.

The pre-build process took almost a year to ensure that both the artist and gallery were happy with the proposed build. This is an essential part of making an exhibition because of the short time scale for the actual erection of the artwork.

The Leckey exhibition required MC Designers to liaise with Audio Visual experts because the installation includes lighting, video, and sound to achieve such a dramatic experience.

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