Michael Falzon
Michael Falzon
CEO | Founder
Sustainability is a core value to the MCD Group, and is something we try to champion across all of our business areas. We recognise that even the smallest of actions can have a huge impact and this is reflected in our current and planned commitments.

Supporting Sustainability:

Here at MCD Group, we are fully committed to protecting the environment through the implementation of sustainable practices and policies in both our work and our relationships with third parties. We currently utilise recycling as a standard practice across all of our sites across each stage of a project, from ensuring we work with sustainable suppliers to continuously reusing materials whilst they remain in a usable condition. We have been receiving waste analysis reports to understand our contributions to landfills and make changes to improve this. Additionally, all of the timber used at our sites is FSC sourced and this is an important consideration when partnering with suppliers.  As we develop and progress we are looking to implement some standardised metrics across all of our business areas to measure our sustainability successes more accurately.

There are some activities which we are actively investigating to further better our sustainability efforts. In an endeavour to lower our greenhouse gas emissions, we are in the process of migrating our company cars to be electric and are installing an electric car charger point at our Head Office. Additionally, we are exploring how we can utilise solar power at our offices to further bolster our sustainability efforts. 

Supporting Supply Chain:

We make a conscious effort to work with local businesses because we understand the importance this has for the economy and the environment. We don’t hesitate to recommend reliable and sustainable businesses amongst our supply chain and believe it is part of our responsibility to urge and encourage our partners to promote sustainable practices.

Our ethos translates to all areas of our supply chain and our business operations - including the ways in which we engage our clients. We are introducing a tree-planting scheme to incentivise clients to be more involved in the wider sustainability effort and are also in the process of sourcing our staff uniforms from a company whose material is created from discarded ocean plastic, reducing CO2 emissions by 60%, energy consumption by 50% and water consumption by 20%.

Outreach to young people and small businesses in the local community:

As a family-run business, we are passionate about encouraging growth amongst individuals and other local companies to further support our community. We are currently working with a local college to establish an apprenticeship scheme, something we hope will blossom into an ongoing partnership encouraging more young people to begin their careers with us. Our CEO is passionate about sport and is a big advocate for using sport as a healthy outlet to channel emotions. With this in mind, we have been sponsoring a nearby boxing gym to help improve their services and provisions for disadvantaged young people. It has been very rewarding being able to support both local people and professions through this endeavour, and we look forward to investing in this further.

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Michael Falzon
CEO | Founder
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