• Exhibition refurbishment
  • Stud partition wall
  • Decoration
  • Carpentry


Photo of Hayward Gallery Light Installation

What did Hayward Gallery require?

The Hayward gallery required a contractor to undertake a full internal build and re-decoration for the Hayward Gallery's prestigious Light Show Exhibition. All works would have to be completed to a tight schedule so the exhibition could open to the public without delay. The works required a full strip out of previously installed stud partition walls, building new walls and re-decoration to house the art work.

What did MCD Heritage do?

MCD Heritage worked to complete all re-build and decoration, finishing with  2 days to spare (much to the thanks of the curator and art handlers!)

Specialist works required included:

  • Creating a room with diminishing radius corners in it to allow an optical illusion.
  • Installing a blackout room including a 12M water tank to show light through water. This required a complete strip out of the previous exhibition and erecting over 500M² of new stud partition walls. All of which had to be completed within 2 days in order to allow enough time to tape & joint and dry.
  • Refurbishing the full gallery; sanding down, filling, undercoating and applying 2 coats of Dulux emulsion.
  • Contracting a specialist master plasterer to create the desired diminishing radius corners.
  • Constructing a 12M reinforced timber trough lin-ing it to ensure it was completely waterproofed which was then used to feature Olafur Eliasson’s "Model for a Time-less Garden (2011)" an exhibition designed to show the reflective qualities of water & light .
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