Project Story 

We were approached by the client to design a working area for himself and his wife so they could run their business’s from within a working environment but with all the comforts of their own home. They wanted the area to be bright, warm, inviting, practical and vibrant.


The area is situated below their existing living space and is a light commercial office use space. Our task was to change usage and design a way to integrate the two areas into one seamless space combining both upstairs living area and new working space, one that flows and creates a calm and relaxing ambience. 


Key inclusions to be captured within the design were as follows:

  • Bar area to promote clients ‘Clean Liquor’ company
  • Audio / cinema area for entertaining
  • Create living or decorative backdrop to enable picture taking for Instagram posting business
  • Wardrobe / changing area for outfit changes between shoots
  • Office area

What MCD Construction did?

The works were split into phases so client could engage at all times as his vision was unfolding. The first phase was to install an acoustic ceiling throughout, clad over all walls creating feature lighting details within, install all internal screening / walls and various floor finishes throughout. Once completed this allowed for further design development from the client incorporating their ideas of finishes. 

The Phases 

Second phase was was the most challenging. The existing slab was to be cut to create the opening for the feature staircase. Steel supports were designed and installed prior and the slab cut in a position so that it would sit just outside the main living space on the existing terrace. This would be made safe and left for further development on phase three. New heating and cooling systems were installed throughout the ground floor with decorative ducting on show to create Manhattan / industrial type effect. Bathroom, Cinema, Bar and wardrobe spaces were all finished with bespoke joinery items and lighting and the results were outstanding and striking.   


Phase three was to install the bespoke decorative staircase to connect the two spaces as one. This would be a feature in the downstairs working area but be unseen in the upstairs living area. A bespoke glass hatch was installed which flooded the staircase with light from above but was seamless from above blending in with its surroundings. Glass structural walling was installed to enclose the staircase and alterations to the internal existing walling removed. This then became inside living space and an internal staircase. 

The Final Stage 

The final stage was to create the stunning living backdrop to which to use as a feature for instagram posts. Connections already in place from phase one we installed irrigation system followed by the vertical garden with stunning effect. The living space on level one had heating and cooling system installed and the whole area benefiting from a full decoration throughout maintaining its minimalistic appearance. 

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