• Stud Partition Wall
  • Carpentry
  • Decoration
  • Plinths to house art sculptures including Perspex and glass hoods to house sculpture
  • Creation of brick built pavilion within the gallery space
Photo of Hepworth Exhibition Space at Tate Britain

What did the Tate Britain require?

The Tate Britain required a contractor to complete a full internal build and redecoration to house the Hepworth exhibition.

They also required the recreation of a brick built Pavilion which was very complex and would involve working closely with a team of student architects and structural engineers.

What did MCD Heritage do?  

Being a long-standing partner of the Tate Britain, MCD Heritage co-ordinated the completion of a full internal build and redecoration to house the Hepworth exhibition.

The biggest challenge was the complex build of the brick Pavilion. Initially this meant finding the correct materials to gain a likeness to the original since the materials used in the original were unavailable. In addition, the way in which we had to build it was a challenge to make it structurally sound for the public to walk around and to look like the original. We only were able to work from photographs taken since the original was built in Holland.

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