Key element of the project: 

One of the key alterations of the project is to extend the basement box. To do this we followed the concept of structural simplification.

This concept allows a simplified approach to the basement structure which involves disengaging the primary structural solution away from smaller scale interventions and into the existing fabric. 

Proposed Setup:

  • Separate structural solutions
  • Simplified construction access
  • Less impact on heritage space



Basement Box Extension

Work Progress

Works Update #2

From October onward excavation and construction will commence. The basement design is based on a raft slab, that results in less soil material having to be removed. Excavated material will be taken from site by licensed persons and disposed of appropriately. Measures will be taken to ensure that mud from site does not get onto the highway. The basement construction will be in reinforced concrete with pavement lights along both sides of the Theatre.

At all times, a pedestrian footpath will be maintained around the outside of the hoarding.

The construction in Bloomsbury Street is expected to be complete by May 2021. At this point the site will be handed back to Camden, who will undertaking the hard landscaping marrying it to the northern triangle of Princes Circus. High Holborn will hopefully be complete by the end of June, allowing Camden to extend their landscaping improvements to this area of the Princes Circus development.

Works Update #1

We have been working inside the Theatre since early June, undertaking significant structural alterations to allow connection to the new basement areas. Apart from deliveries and the removal of spoil there has been little outside activity other than the utility works and now Camden resuming work on the West End Project.

In July we anticipate starting to prepare for the basement excavation. As hoardings are erected around the site some exploratory excavations will be undertaken along with preparations for the piling to create the perimeter of the new basement. The actual piling will commence in August. This will be carried out using a TOSA silent piling rig to minimise noise disruption. It will last for approximately 6 weeks, commencing on Bloomsbury Street before moving to High Holborn.

As the piling is completed bridges will be installed to allow access to the Theatre’s entrances and the Box Office. These will allow performances to happen during the construction whilst work happens underneath them. Also, at this time, we will be undertaking archaeological investigations to make sure that we safeguard any historical items buried under the road.